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homemade halloween

Here is a visual summary of my weekend of homemade goodness.

Reuben was slightly squeamish about the pumpkin guts....but not for long....
covered in pumpkin guts!
chocolate cream, coconut cream, lemon meringue

I baked three pies.  Two were my grandmother’s favorite- coconut cream and lemon meringue. Grandma has good taste in pies. The other was for my friend Brad’s ordination party. Way to go Brad!

it was as if my fridge shelf was designed to be a receptacle for pies

I made some artwork to decorate our newly painted bedroom. We have $0 for a decorating budget so I got creative and expressed my growing fixation with peacocks by making these:


You don't need a fat bank account to make cool things! Just a little creativity and some free time.
all together now.

I was very pleased with how these turned out & how they look against the new lemongrass color of our walls. Now I just need to find/make some drapes! It only took us 7 years to get around to painting our bedroom 🙂

Lastly we made some halloween costumes from one of our favorite movies, The Royal Tennenbaums.

"margot tennenbaum was known for her extreme secrecy"
Dave busted out his sewing machine to make Ritchie's shirt. my husband has mad skillz yo.

Lastly, we took our little cutie trick-or-treating in our hood where he made out like a bandit. He caught on very quickly that if you said the phrase “trick or treat” people give you lots of candy. Yay America.

"mama, stop taking pictures of me and let me eat some candy!"

Yay for fun homemade goodness! What kinds of things do you like to make yourself?


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