Month: November 2009

the sweet escape

Stopping to fuel up my jetta with diesel fuel on 1-96 and grabbing a ginormous box of good n’ plenty’s for the road, I drove through the darkened farmland of Michigan to Wheaton, IL where I’ll spend the week in class learning about the history of evangelicalism and the theology of the gospel for the M.A. I’m working on. I… Read more →

top five thankful list

In preparation for the inevitable “what are you thankful for this year?” question that most of us get asked on Thursday, I thought I would be a little more thoughtful than rattling off the standard, “family, friends, pumpkin pie” answers.  Since this is my last post for this month’s challenge to practice thankfulness, I thought I’d encourage all of us… Read more →

how to embarrass your husband

For anyone who knows my husband Dave, you know that it not easy to embarrass him. Crazy story about Dave? He’ll tell you five more about himself. An embarrassing photo? Well, we have those all categorized in photo albums. An awkward situation? Dave can create those with finesse and style to the mortification of anyone in the room. When I… Read more →

dinner insurance

Ever since my mother-in-law encouraged me to think of November-February as the “cozy months” it’s helped me to think about all the things I enjoy about winter. After our CSA ended I was lamenting the end of fresh lettuce, herbs and all the other weekly goodies we recieved. However, after freezing everything we gleaned recently I am excited about ways… Read more →

being thankful is a bezoar

I so don’t want to write this post. Even though I’ve dedicated this months Sidewalk Theologian challenge to practicing thankfulness, I feel bitter & crusty today and just want to read my latest copy of Entertainment Weekly about the new Twilight movie and wallow. Bezoar is my word I use instead of swearing- I learned about in Harry Potter- anyone… Read more →

I guess I can’t see the harm in working and being a mama

This is one of the lyrics I love in Brittney’s song “you want a piece of me?” partly because as a working mom, I feel like everyone wants a piece of me, yet I enjoy working and being a mom! Any other mama’s feel like this?  It’s a complex choice that is simultaneously rewarding and exhausting.   This past weekend… Read more →

monkey see, monkey do

Parents- are you ever terrified when you realize that your kids are picking up your bad habits? Or conversely that you have enough good habits that they’ll learn what’s important to you and emulate these good habits? The other day I trotted down the stairs & Reuben looked at me in our foyer with a big grin on his face… Read more →

the game of operation.

Who remembers playing this game when they were little? More importantly, who thought it would be fun for kids to be mildly shocked if they weren’t dexterous enough to remove the wishbone from the dude’s chest? Weird. Sometimes I wish my inner world were more like the game of operation. Life can move so fast that I often don’t have… Read more →


This past Saturday, Dave and I scored a trunk-full of free vegetables from the farm we subscribed to! Though our subscription is finished for the year, we took part in an ancient practice called “gleaning” basically harvesting the leftovers from the fields. As we traipsed through the thick black soil scouting for cabbage, swiss chard and carrots we enjoyed the… Read more →

does the beet go on?

I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons of buying a share in a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm since my first year of subscribing has now concluded.. The pick-ups from groundswell farm, my CSA stopped last week with a few hefty butternut squash and some kale as well but now I’m floundering in a sea of indecision of what vegetables… Read more →

become less of a jerk….i double-dog-dare you.

It’s November! It’s dark when I wake up and dark when I’m eating dinner! The weather is colder and the brilliant yellow leaves are now mushy wet piles on the ground! I need to buy Christmas presents soon even though I have no money! I need….this sucks…..he’s such a ……if I only could….if she only would….wah, wah, wah. Sound familiar?… Read more →

water over stones

In October, the Sidewalk Theologian challenge was to incorporate prayer into our daily rhythms. I found it to be deeply unsatisfying. And I had to assume that you did too if you participated. Whether praying before meals, praying the daily office from the Northumbria Community or finding new and creative ways to pray like through making something tangible I had hoped… Read more →

homemade halloween

Here is a visual summary of my weekend of homemade goodness. I baked three pies.  Two were my grandmother’s favorite- coconut cream and lemon meringue. Grandma has good taste in pies. The other was for my friend Brad’s ordination party. Way to go Brad! I made some artwork to decorate our newly painted bedroom. We have $0 for a decorating… Read more →