Month: October 2009

the toys in your room

This post is exactly about what you think this title means. One of my friends hosts an adult equivalent of a tupperware party for people who want to liven up their marriage and try some new things. All the ordering and shipping is done completely privately and the hostess shares the products which range from tame to things I’ve never… Read more →

i want your body

As I’ve been blogging about healthy eating habits I’ve had this nagging worry- “maybe I’ll fall off the apple cart and buy a one way ticket on the cheeseburger express….just who do I think I am anyways to write about how you should eat? I’m a campus minister for crying out loud! Why do I care about what you’re eating? Why… Read more →

we are the champions, my friends

This past week I met with a national staff team of InterVarsity “outreach champions” from across the country. It’s one of my favorite meetings of the year both because I get to connect with brilliant, funny and deep colleagues, but also because we have fun together over delicious meals or going out to see a movie. This time we went… Read more →

I’m feeling nervous to Breathe

This weekend my kind friend and author Lorilee Craker is taking me to the Breathe writers conference.  I am feeling so excited and nervous to go! Here are the reasons I feel nervous: People who are serious about writing go to writers conferences. This commits me to being more serious and intentional about writing. This is scary. This is taking… Read more →

what is your word of the day?

Do you remember being a kid and just getting lost in coloring with crayons, pasting construction paper shapes on a page or feeling the waxiness of modling clay on your fingers as you rolled a ball of clay against the table? During this month of spiritual challenge of incorporating prayer into our lives, I’ve found a few different practices that have… Read more →

does my hair smell like a urinal cake?

What are your favorite travel products? Things you can’t be away from home without? Tomorrow I’ll leave for a three-day trip to Cleveland, home for a writers conference this weekend and then to Madison, WI next week.  Here are a few of the things I always bring with me or have started to bring: My sister in law who regularly travels… Read more →

pick your five and lose five pounds

You’re proactive when it comes to your calendar, scheduling times to spend with friends, projects you’ll do at work and the vacation you’ll enjoy- why wouldn’t you do the same thing with the food you eat every day? Before I started to strive for five I would dread cooking and would respond to the grumbling in my stomach by grabbing whatever… Read more →

friends, let us invoke M.C. Hammer together

As we kick off this month of spiritual challenge, I only thought it appropriate to take a minute to enjoy the 1980’s glory of M.C. Hammers hit song “Pray.” I totally rocked hammer pants in the 80’s. Anyone else fall prey to that fashion back in the day? How about skidz? Ok. Enough about bad 80’s pants. Last month on… Read more →