Month: September 2009

last day(s) of strive for five!

So, for those of you who took my challenge to “Strive for Five” fruits and vegetables over the month of September, how did it go? I know we still technically have the rest of today & tomorrow, but I’m guessing you’re going to go the distance and eat a few extra carrots ūüôā (you go mr. banana grabber man- get… Read more →

friday fluff day- ArtPrize!!

We watched a gem miner last night in live action during ArtPrize competition, the worlds largest art competition taking place in Grand Rapids, MI. ¬†Our uber-creative friend and artist Adam Wolpa sculped a gem mine and then did performance art to “mine” the gems, shining a light on the sparkly rocks and gems. It was so creative and beautiful! Thumbs… Read more →

am I getting stupider?

When I was about to graduate from Michigan State University I¬†was afraid of my brain turning to mush in the 9-5 world so¬†I asked one of my professors “what can I do to make sure I don’t get stupider after college?” ¬†Dr. Kotzin, a wizened Jewish woman whom I had taken an intro to philosophy class & a class on… Read more →

subversive humility

Stick it to the man- learn how to subvert the system through practicing humility. ¬†Check out my podcast to learn how at the link below! I initially preached out of this passage, Phillipians 2 at Cedar Campus to a group of about 200 college students from InterVarsity chapters across Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Recently I spoke on this same topic… Read more →

with a little help from my friends (or how I lost 20 lbs)

I’ve been having so much fun doing strive for five with you guys! It almost makes me not want to stop blogging about it on Tuesdays in October when we’ll shift our focus to a spiritual challenge! I was thinking about possibly continuing to blog about food/eating/recipes/being healthy on another day because I’ve personally enjoyed it & have loved hearing… Read more →

finding my voice in Adventureland

Recently Dave and I watched adventureland the latest flick from the Judd Apatow click directed by Greg Mottola who worked with Apatow on Superbad. While I’ve seen most of Apatow’s movies- (I actually went into labor the night my husband and I saw Knocked Up in the theatre) this was much more of a dark comedy than we expected it… Read more →

friday fluff day (aka- jillian, boots, leeks)

This week felt craaazy long! Good thing I had the tears of Jillian, the inspiration of sweet leather boots & the yumminess of leeks to help see me through. So- did anyone watch The Biggest Loser (TBL) premiere this week? I was starting to feel a cold beginning to set in so I curled up on the couch & caught… Read more →

We should mate, uh, I mean date!

Doesn’t dating make you crazy sometimes? ¬†I was out with some girlfriends awhile ago on a Saturday night at Republic and as we were watching the brigade of mini-skirt clad ladies make their way upstairs, primly holding stems of martini glasses to make sure not to spill, we mused on life as married women who have taken ourselves off the… Read more →

channeling my inner 5th grader (or how I lost 20 lbs)

What helps you to stay motivated when you’re working towards a goal? ¬†For me it had to do with some stickers…and a little reminder from cookie monster. (if you don’t think you have time to click on this link, just doooo it- trust me it will be a highlight of your day.) Thanks for the encouragement cookie monster- “cookies are… Read more →


Recently I did something I wasn’t very pleased with. If I’m really honest, I was ashamed and disturbed that I did this thing. ¬†Though I didn’t end up acting on the thing I was thinking about, there was an internal boundary I crossed. Whenever this happens to me, which is pretty regularly; I say something I regret to someone I… Read more →

friday fluff day

What are things you’re excited about right now, however trival they might be? ¬†Hence the name- “friday fluff day.” ¬†Nothing big or deep, just things you’re thinking about your thankful for. Here are my top three: Reuben & I picked up some fruit at the farmers market this morning. We typically like to pick our own raspberries because it’s way… Read more →

I love you, man! (the sermon)

What do Peter Klaven from “I love you, man” ¬†and Peter from scripture have in common? Take a listen to my blog post today & find out! This is about a 15 minute long “sermonette” that I had to preach for a class I took this past spring at Wheaton Graduate School on the Gospel & pop culture. ¬†This was… Read more →

give me more fruit! (or, how I lost 20 lbs.)

It’s rare to find a person that isn’t interested in dropping a little weight. Few of us are content with how we look even though 20 years from now it’s likely that we’ll look back on pictures and think- “dang! I looked gooood!” and chide ourselves for not being more thankful for bodies that function well & were healthy. In… Read more →

goodbye summer, hello fall!

It’s hard to believe that summer is over with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having! ¬†I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite moments from the past few months. Highlights from this summer included vacationing with my family at Silver Lake, MI: We were also able to spend some time with Dave’s family & some of our friends in Ithaca… Read more →

so when are you going to tell me I’m a bad person?

“you have such a sweet job, I would pretend to be a Christian just so I could do what you do!” Max*, a super-senior at Grand Valley State University responded to me when I told him that I got to talk to college students about their spiritual beliefs as my job. ¬†I had to smile at his excitement to talk… Read more →

I’m all for going green, but this is getting ridiculous

It’s inescapable, going green is what’s hot. ¬†Except that I’ve been green for a long time. ¬†Maybe it had something to do with growing up in the U.P. that I developed an affinity for the lush forests and pine needle strewn ground, but I have always loved the color green. Except lately it’s developed into a problem. ¬†I seem to… Read more →

what i really want to tell you

Do you ever find yourself thinking in facebook updates but not actually posting them? ¬†I find it a funny way to encapsulate what I am feeling at any given moment. Usually I self-censor because it would be inappropriate to share some of these things. Like when I’m angry, as in:¬†“Jessica wishes that her husband would remember to put the car… Read more →