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Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness


I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I was instilled with a sense of adventure- whether it was exploring the shores of Lake Superior, meeting new people around my parent's dinner table or serving single moms in our city.   Faith was lived out in practical ways and church was about who we were rather than a building we went to. As a child of the 1980's My mom loves to regale people with the story of me running up to our neighbor, Mr. Niebel- a suit-clad banker asking "hey Mr. Niebel! Do you know Jesus?" With a somewhat shocked look walking to his front door, he stammered "uh, yes Jessica, I go to church." "Well he's cooler than Michael Jackson!- I just wanted you to know!" And then I skipped off to play kickball with my siblings in our front yard.

That heart and sense of adventure in following Jesus and sharing about him has only grown more fervent over the years, broadening to help you and many, many others live into the evangelawesomeness of what Jesus has for you. I'm glad you stopped by my little corner of the blogosphere- maybe it's because you need to laugh and read a crazy story, feel encouraged in your faith or mobilized to share Jesus. Whatever reason brings you, I'm glad you're here.

I have a book coming out this August with InterVarsity Press called Beautiful Feet: Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness. I've written about my adventures sharing Jesus and trying to live out my faith in a compelling and authentic way. You'll also read stories of women from scripture, history and women today who are trying to make a difference in the world by being bold and loving. Women will change the world through their faith in Jesus- to care for others in profound ways and demonstrate love that breaks down barriers. Hopefully this blog will help you to do that and feel encouraged!

I live in Cleveland, OH with my handsome bearded husband Dave and our two sons, Reuben & Oswald. We could care less about sports in Cleveland and enjoy the foodie, music and outdoor adventures this lovely city has to offer. Thanks for stopping by!'

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